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Independent Travel Agent Terms & Conditions

These are the addendum terms to the Booking Conditions and by submitting the form above you confirm your Agreement with these terms together with this addendum. Save as for expressly provided for herein, the Booking Conditions apply and where any addendum for independent travel agents is made, this supersedes only that specific part of the conditions.

You should read these terms alongside the Booking Conditions which collectively constitute the ‘Agreement’ between you, your Client and us.

  1. Appointment of You by Eden
    1. Eden appoints You to be a non-exclusive independent travel agent (“ITA”).
    2. You agree to promote Eden to your Clients from time to time in offering properties offered by Eden, representing yourselves as an agent to Eden.
    3. For the duration of your appointment as an ITA, you are entitled in accordance with Clause 2 of these terms to use promotional materials on a non-exclusive licence basis which can be withdrawn at any time by Eden in accordance with Clause 2.
  2. Use of Eden Promotional Materials
    1. Eden grants you non-exclusive licence for the duration of the agreement to use promotional materials, subject to approval in writing by them.
    2. Any property descriptions used in marketing Eden’s properties to your Clients must be identical to that used by Eden and in no way amended or altered. Imagery must also be only used as supplied and no other imagery may be used by you.
    3. Eden may, at their sole discretion withdraw their licence in Clause 2 by giving you 5-days notice in writing. After which time you must ensure that all materials, copy, imagery or other material supplied or obtained by you in respect of Eden or their properties is removed from any physical or online location, including social media.
  3. Bookings
    1. When taking a booking from a Client for Eden, you are responsible for ensuring availability of the date your Client is looking to book. Eden takes no responsibility for availability until such time as the booking has been confirmed.
    2. By submitting the ITA Booking on behalf of your Client, your Client is bound by the Booking Conditions of Eden which you must provide to them at the time of their booking and by making this booking you undertake to Eden that your Client has read and understood these Conditions.
    3. You are responsible for ensuring that your Client is provided with the relevant access details for the property, together with any specific instructions provided to you on behalf of Eden.
  4. Payment
    1. When taking a booking from a Client any deposit taken must cover the deposit required by Eden in their Booking Conditions, this should be paid to Eden when making the Booking either by the Client or by you.
    2. You are responsible for collecting from your Client all monies in respect of the Booking under the Booking Conditions, and paying these amounts to Eden on or before the date set out in the Booking Conditions (or alternatively ensuring that your Client does so).
    3. In the event of any cancellation or failure to pay any balance, your Client will be subject to the Eden Booking Conditions in this regard.
    4. You indemnify Eden in respect of any tax implications of the bookings made, or of any liability from yourselves to your Client.
  5. Commission
    1. In consideration of any Booking made by you on behalf of a Client, Eden will provide you with a commission of 7.5% of the total booking value minus our Booking Fee.
    2. Commission payments will be made to you on the day of arrival of your Client for each booking made. An invoice will be required before payment is made. This invoice should be emailed to [email protected] at least 14 days before payment is due.
  6. Term & Termination
    1. This agreement will start at the date of acceptance (or first booking made on behalf of a Client) and will continue thereafter subject to 6.2.
    2. Either party may terminate this agreement with 1 months notice.
    3. On any termination you undertake to Eden to take the steps set out in 2.3 of this agreement.
    4. Upon termination any bookings made by you on behalf of any Client will be honoured and any commission due to you will be paid in accordance with Clause 5, but you will no longer be entitled to use Eden’s materials and must no longer hold yourself our as an ITA working on behalf of Eden.

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